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Best Games Studios Diary
1 2 3 4 5
bestgamesstudios 6,370 205
by bestgamesstudios
[Ongoing list of all videos in the Pro Video Section] Martin 239 6
by Martin
IronSource ads Robot customer service qaz1243qaz 14 0
by qaz1243qaz
I should use mopub? qaz1243qaz 11 0
by qaz1243qaz
Anyone using fyber? qaz1243qaz 21 2
by qaz1243qaz
leadbolt ecpm? good? qaz1243qaz 28 0
by qaz1243qaz
FYBER VS LEADBOLT ?? qaz1243qaz 33 3
by qaz1243qaz
chartoost cpc and cpi publishing compaign ? matrixreal 80 6
by dmmcmah
Let's Be Realistic: A Deep Dive into How Games Are Selling on Steam bestgamesstudios 32 0
by bestgamesstudios
Has someone used YouAppi ads? ecpm? good to use? qaz1243qaz 25 0
by qaz1243qaz
Is anyone using the revmob SDK? qaz1243qaz 44 1
by bestgamesstudios
question about chartboost filtering matrixreal 30 0
by matrixreal
Chartboost/ new GDPR rules bestgamesstudios 408 19
by bestgamesstudios
is it normal? Mkstar 155 8
by XdebugX
Posting Multiple Similar Apps joaocoutinh0 79 2
by joaocoutinh0
SPOAM (See People On A Map) - first attempt at an app with server side functionality and cloud messaging Martin 27 0
by Martin
I'm back after 2 years, please help me get up to speed :) 60 1
Chartboost Acccount Suspended !!! To Share qaz1243qaz 100 3
by qaz1243qaz
App Portfolio For Sale drmas 120 6
by drmas
I just released my game. How should I market it? sunfire91_ 89 2
by sunfire91_
Huge downloadspike + question mobidus 76 2
by mobidus
Try our new MMO card game in Open beta flekoun 59 1
by flekoun
About Facebook Audience Network paulyip 44 0
by paulyip
My Unity YouTube Channel [= OrenBst 34 0
by OrenBst
Contacting AdMob Account Manager drmas 37 0
by drmas
Did anyone get paid on time for chartboost for March 2018? Martin 69 3
by Martin
Game dev software? jahnnh 167 3
by fpapps
Question: How do you get more downloads for your app? ryanB04 211 4
by fpapps
Get ready to enter the Southeast Asia market! modCM 90 5
by fpapps
3D Artist Search Serendipity 35 0
by Serendipity
CHARTBOOST Question makaveli 122 3
by Martin
Overall revenue per day - $100 on chartboost, $25 on admob, $18 on applovin, $7 on amazon... - Aug 5th 2014
Martin 31,364 29
by adamde
How to Survive in Gamedev for Eleven Years Without a Hit - great GDC talk Martin 65 1
by ryanB04
iOS AppStore promote image paulyip 137 2
by ryanB04
How To Make Money From Game Development - 5 Ways - interesting video I just came across Martin 77 0
by Martin
What game should we make make next for Oculus Touch? Martin 61 1
by bestgamesstudios
Cloud Alliance Strengthens Partnership with Unity Technologies, Announces a New App Store for Game Developers modCM 35 0
by modCM
Top 10 Tips to Maximizing your Game Revenue in SEA! (Final) modCM 50 0
by modCM
What is your App Store Search Impressions to App Units ratio? PBABuilder 52 0
by PBABuilder
Top 10 Tips to Maximizing your Game Revenue in SEA! (Part.1) modCM 158 5
by mzr
Top 10 Tips to Maximizing your Game Revenue in SEA! (Part.2) modCM 55 0
by modCM
Tips to Maximizing your Game Revenue in South East Asia! modCM 66 0
by modCM
HI, i have been told to come here from one of your devs, i need to setup the gear vr controller via input please markgearvr 85 2
by markgearvr
Admob native app install, native content paulyip 142 3
by JamesVieira
How long it takes for your developers to develop a game on average umen 630 13
by robbyfine
Question For Martin NightWish 80 0
by NightWish
Google Play Service alternate for Amazon App Store abdur 78 1
by Martin
China downloads HarryDEV 246 9
by kidgames
Anyone who is spending $$ on Marketing here? flekoun 214 5
by John_Brown
How I Used Unity & Warped Spacetime to Make Drive!Drive!Drive! Martin 69 0
by Martin
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