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Winter Tales
Winter Tales is the first part of the history of a little brave hero who lives in the north pole. During Christmas he is coming to defy gremlins in order to help Santa in saving the holiday. Malign gremlins, being left without any presents for their misbehaving, made up their minds to come to Santa’s land and steal all the presents. But hero, living nearby, led by tremendous sounds from Santa’s place is coming to the rescue.
Awesome 3D graphics makes you feel the part of the adventure, along with the night forest inspiring you with the christmas spirit. Uncomplicated quest is of great help in orienting, and then you can enjoy snowball shooting to your heart’s content – every winning will bring you a reward! Pick up the presents, fight gremlins and unlock coffers, there might be unique costumes! Keep hero out of gremlin’s grasps so that their swift pads could not snatch his coin.
Any suggestions, help, recommendations are welcome!

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Hi @charait welcome to forum

game looks cool, apparently i dont have iphone so just cant test it.
By the way you can visit developer diary and blog section and write about your game 
which assets you had used, development time, installed ads networks etc etc. this helps others suggest you good things and beginners can follow along easily.

love you all, Happy coding [comp]

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hello friends i have rated and reviewed your game @danish ali

please do the same for mine[smile]
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