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Hey all. Just sharing this message I got from Amazon. The Game Circle feature never seems any good to me to be honest, it was pretty much useless. Also I never really used Game Center either on iOS apart from the leaderboards. The 'friends' features just seemed irrelevant as there is no VOIP games (at least not any I know of). Whereas with Xbox Live you can chat with friends and play with them in a lobby which means I'm more likely to add them. Plus Amazon Game Circle was a huge pain in the ass to integrate if I remember correctly. Their documentation was so big and super confusing, much like their IAP docs. Thank god Unity included the Amazon IAP SDK built in to version 5.

Here's the message:

Our records show that you have games that integrate with GameCircle. Today we are announcing that starting on September 20, 2017, we are discontinuing the GameCircle Social Features, which will remove the customer’s ability to maintain a list of GameCircle Friends. Additionally, certain GameCircle Friends features will be less visible to customers outside of the game play experience: customers will no longer see GameCircle achievements, Friend leaderboards, and other information from their Home screen or Games gateway experience on Fire Tablets.
The in-game experience for GameCircle will remain mostly unchanged, and no action is required on your part. However, if you have integrated the Social Service SDK methods - getFriendIds(), requestLocalPlayer(), and getBatchFriends(), starting from December 1, 2017, these methods will no longer return data. Games that use these methods can continue to call them, but data will not be flowing.

If you have any follow up questions, please visit the developer forum.


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