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In recent years, the Southeast Asian mobile game markets have been developing drastically. As is predicted by Niko Partners, a market-research outfit, the mobile game revenue of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will reach 1.2 billion dollars, constituting 99% of the total revenue of the Southeast Asian markets. The rapid increase has drawn the mobile game industry’s attention.


The population of Southeast Asia is about 613 million and the population of netizen there has risen  to about 200 million, and it is said by UBS SDIC that the number of netizen will see a 48% increase, growing to 294million.  The internet penetration will grow from 32%(2014)to 48% in 2017. These data mean that the Southeast Asia is a huge market with a great potential for mobile game companies. A Taiwan media reported that Southeast Asian countries tend to show a strong momentum of economic development. Meanwhile, the income of Southeast Asians also grew considerably. Owing to the optimistic economic situation, the consumption ability of Southeast Asians is full of potential, and they need more entertainment. Thus, it is a good opportunity for mobile games to enter the Southeast Asian market s.


Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very popular among Southeast Asians. For example, Indonesia has the least Facebook users in this region, though, the usage rate is as high as 78% .


Critical information of Main counties in this region


Indonesia has the youngest netizen cohort in Southeast  Asia. The rate of paying user reach ed up to 49%, and the 5 most popular types are strategy games, racing games, action/adventure games, arcade games and simulation games.



Besides app store and Google play, there is no other platform to download apps. Google play is the biggest platform, with a proportion of 70% users, and IOS is 22%. An important thing is that the Malaysian users prefer cute styles like cartoons.


The Philippines

A report from Vserv showed that 78% of the population use mobile devices to download mobile games or other apps. However, one third of Philippine mobile internet users are students and the unemployed so they prefer free apps and games.



Singapore is the most developed country in this region. Half of Singaporean mobile phone users choose iphones or ipads, only 29% of them use android. On the contrary, the payment of Google  play and app store only shows 1% discrepancy. As English is one of their official languages, western products are very popular.



Thailand is a significant market in Southeast Asia. The revenue of iOS and Android games reached up to 60 million dollars in 2011. The proportion of premium users is 49%, same as Indonesian. The premium users like racing games the most, and they also prefer action/adventure game, strategy games, fighting games and shooting games. 



Vietnam shares the most revenue of mobile games in Southeast Asia. The culture of Vietnam is similar to Chinese.  Vietnamese prefer games related to the Three Kingdom, Kongfu and Jin Yong’s novels. So it is good news for Chinese mobile game companies.


Now you may want to enter the Southeast Asian markets, but what if you are not familiar with the market s? You may need professional agencies like testbird and trackingbird to help you test your app or game and track your advertising performance to optimize your advertising channels in order to maximize your ROI.


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Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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