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Hi Devs!

My name is Ray and I have made a few apps/games that are published on the Google Play store. You can see all my apps here:

This is my first developer diary post because I just moved into Android application development and created a quick app that I am surprised Google published. The app is called Blank Icon and took about 80 hours of development time. Most of this time was spent learning how to work in Android so the actual development time is much shorter. If I had to create this app again, it would take at most 20 hours. 

Here is the promo image for the app, can you guess what it does? 


No clue? Here is another hint if you did not take a look at my apps.
Blank Icon is the app in the middle. You can see that it is exactly what the name would suggest - a blank icon [biggrin]

The app itself is very useful. I needed a blank icon for testing and development purposes so I made an app with a completely transparent app image. It also comes with Blank Widgets that you can add to your homescreen to space out your app icons. 

The reason I am very surprised that Google allowed my app to be published is because I uploaded a 512x512 transparent PNG for the app icon. I was almost expecting Google's algorithms to reject the app but it made it through! From the moment I submitted the app, it only took about an hour for it to go live. 

That said, the app does include a fun (ok, frustrating) minigame where the player has to find all the blank icons I hid in the app. 


Some more development stats:

  • Developed in 2 weeks
  • Uses 5 libraries
  • About 2000 ish lines of code written
  • 0 computer/environment crashes
  • 4 hours spent creating screenshots and making Google Play listing
If you have read this far, congrats! You deserve a reward [smile] 
If you like the look of the screenshot above, you can download the template I made here:
Inside is a PSD template and font file. Enjoy! 

If you like the template, please consider downloading Blank Icon and leaving a 5 star review. I love sharing my assets to save my fellow developers some time and seeing my apps with 4+ ratings really boosts moral [wave]

Blank Icon -->
Doodle Donut -->
IdeaStarter -->

Free app website template (generate a website for your app in 60 seconds!) -->

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Working on a fix for app is not going well. [comp]


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Hey Kompleted. Cool post, thanks for sharing [smile] The overall clean design looks good. Google is a little strange when accepting or rejecting apps. It could be that they haven't check yours yet, but I hope it has no problem. The funniest one I seen on google was an app just called "f**k off" lol. I think it just showed a pop-up saying that and its been on the store for years [biggrin]

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