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Hey all. We recently hosted a cash competition on the forum for one the members games called Space Breakout. It was a week long competition and the user with the highest score won $50, congrats to MKStar [smile] Here's the link:

I'd like to host more competitions on the forum as its a good way for developers to get more downloads and more active users. Here's a overview of the process:

- Choose which of your games you would like to host a competition for. It's best if the game is available on either google play or the Apple app store.
- Choose a cash prize amount. You as the developer will need to pay this to the winner via paypal. I suggest close to the $50 amount or above in order to attract more users.
- Choose the length of the competition and a specific end date.
- I will help you prepare the post with a competition template.
- To help with promotion I will also pin the topic at the top of the category in the forum. I will do a youtube post on the HowToMakeMobileGames channel (8000+ subscribers), share the post on facebook (1000+ friends), and make a direct link to the post at the top of the forum which appears under the title.
- The competition hosting fee is 5% of the prize which can be paid through paypal.
- You need paypal to pay the winners too.

If anyone is interested you can reply to this post, or you can email me on

Thanks all
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