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I know that's like saying how long is a piece of string !  But despite searching I still have no idea if putting a good game together for say $3000 to $6000 is even realistic. All I hear is how many years some top $company took with a large team.     
I am looking at this as an extension to my jewellery business to generate traffic to my store. Initially offering game character jewellery but also my other designs. Coins & Gems will be doubled up to use in my store as well as in the game. 

I need to hire the game developers, I am just not good enough to do it myself.
I appreciate the pride in developing every tree & rock. But I am happy to buy ready made from the app store to save costs.
The game needs to be for mobile phone as well as on the website. 
The main focus of the game will be collecting/rescuing my design collection of Characters.
Low poly simple scenes are fine as I would prefer a more detailed Characters 

I don't think it is worth speculating the details of the actual game until I know what that $3000 to $6000 budget can buy. 2D / 3D number of levels or hours game play ?

Anyway I think that piece of string will still be long, but hopefully someone here can shorten it a bit 


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Hi Squidy,


I will be happy to help you with the development services and I can certainly give you a budget after dicussing the project and requirements in more detail.


Ping me @ so we can talk further.





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