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I was hoping someone could explain to me what method they typically use to deal with various aspect ratios. As you can see, just barely, in the screenshot attached, off to the right side near the play button there is part of a "1". I understand this is happening because this app was designed in a 10:16 AR, not a 9:16 AR. I've noticed apps such as those designed by Martin/Cobalt don't seem to have this issue, but have no idea how to resolve it myself.
I'd like to be able to have the ball continue to loop on the sides of the screen, so I don't want to set up walls on the sides constraining the movement to a 9:16 AR. Would the smartest thing be to set the max/min x spawn position to the values of the thinest screen that most people play on, or is there a more elegant solution?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I always feel bad asking questions, since I can't really help anyone myself, due to lack of knowledge.


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Hi Kodaka,
I think there are a few things happening here... [wink]
Can you be a little more specific? Are you using Unity? In your other post you never specified, but I am asuming you are.
And in that case, what method are you using, Unity GUI, Unity UI, raycasting, etc...

I would suggest using the Unity UI, and then using canvases, and select resize to fit resolution from the drop down.

Regarding the second part of your message, I would just hard code the objects world position and the just keep repositioning the object back to it, when it reaches the limit.

Hope this helps. 

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