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Hi guys, I have a doubt about divertisfing our bussines, I heard you Martin said its best to divide our revenue in different accounts, like brothers, close friends, etc.

But my question is the next, with different accounts we will have different developers in Google Play Store for example, all the games or apps uploaded in this different accounts, should they have the same AdMob account assigned inside?

I mean, should I create a different AdMob account for each different developer account I have in Google Play Store or there is no problem having the same for all of them?

I thank you in advance, and I wish you success!

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Hi Necrozard. Thanks for the post.
I think its ok to have the same admob account for each of the google play accounts, but I would also set up a different admob account too. The reason is that google can cancel all your google products together (google play, admob, adsense etc). I've heard of some developers having their admob account cancelled too so it's best to have multiple accounts if possible.
But I'm not sure if you will need to run them on different PC's because I think you will need a different IP address for the different google play accounts. I don't have any experience in this but I know some developers on the forum have set up new accounts. If anyone reads this please let me know too.

It does take a bit of effort and time to get multiple accounts set up but you will really lower the risk of your business greatly. This is super important and it's something we need to do more too. Just think, if all of your revenue is coming from one account and all of your games are on there, and one day google / apple decide to cancel it, then it could be game over for your business. So in my opinion it's best to spread out your risk.

I hope this helps [smile]

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