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How do you see and filter out Ads on Chartboost that underpay for installs? I've seen pretty old tutorials on it but don't know if it's still possible.

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yes interested here, any recent video on how to get best ecom and best app install rate would be appreciated. There is lot of hype on secrets to get $10ecpm on chartboost and get $0.5 gauranteed installs on chartboost/facebook.
How do they do it?


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To all:

Stay away from Anatoli Eidelman aka AskTolik and his eCPM techniques!!! He is biggest scammer on the internet !!!
He was banned from Chartboost and AppLovin for life in 2016. My advice is be careful and stay away using his eCPM techniques or you might get banned your accounts.  

Here is video where he is confirms that his accounts were banned
In case he will decide to take down this video a he is active on this forum I have backup link here

Right now he is working on new 2017 Chartboost eCPM course, as he is using his "partners" accounts (as he officially calls them) and his wife's Hanny Boni (his wife full name is Hanny Boni Edelman).

Now you are asking how do I know all this ... answer is simple. I was following his techniques and got warning email from Chartboost that they found suspicious activity on my games and they will investigate. I wasn't sure what might cause a problem and did google research and it was his techniques who caused a trouble on my account. I stopped using them immediately and my account is still live.

Here is only one article from ChartBoost about filtering campaigns

My experience with ad filtering ... hard to say, if I was earning more back than or right now. Well, if you filter too much and Chartboost will find out, and they will find out trust me they will and than they will ban your account immediately. If you don't filter you will give too much advantage to your competitors as they will take your hard earned user to their app for cheap money.

Here is what I do:
Right now all my Chartboosts campaigns are setup to game genre. For example if you have casino slots game - setup in campaign genres -> Casino -> slots and other (will be ticked), or if you have match 3 game - setup in  campaign genres -> Puzzle match 3 + other (will be ticked) or if you have shooters game -> setup in campaign genres -> Action shooters + other (will be ticked) = only two ticks in Game genre. With this setup you are saying Chartboost give my users only ads which are relevant to my game. With this setup is your user more likely to click on ad if it is relevant to game like for example id you have shooting game and your users see only casino ads ... Imagine if you play hidden objects games how likely you are clicked on shooting ads ... this apply to your users as well.

Second thing what I do is block whole companies. In your Publishing campaign you have Advanced settings -> in Filtering section you have field Blocked Companies. Here I enter companies who do not pay enough.
Make a excel sheet following this tutorial and there you will see which company is stealing your users and don't pay enough. For example BigFishGames they pay $6 per install and some companies pay $0.25 per install. In the report I have seen $0.1 or in some cases 0.1 per 10 installs. Of course that you need to block all those companies who do not pay but you want to keep companies like BigFish.

Your user will get relevant ads to your game from company who pay wery well. In this case I'm happy to give my hard earned user to company who will pay enough. I'm happy and my user is happy too. He went from my game to better game.

Is this the best technique what I do ... of course not ... but following tolik's techniques I had huge earnings per months, but my account was nearly banned. Right now I have less earnings per months but stress free life and stable earnings (not huge, but stable). Do your research, go through your reports and you will clearly see who pay well and who don't. Than decide what you will do. Chartboost is constantly developing their algorithms.

Here is not clear and easy answer how and what to filter. Also it depends about your users retention too.
If you are getting a lot of user every day (they come and go) here it is easy answer keep only high paying companies. But if you keep your users for long time (they come and stay). With ads filtering you are saying to Chartboost = give me only ads from not blocked companies. If you will filter too much you will get ads only from a few companies and you users will see the same ads over and over again. Here is better to keep more companies even a few who don't pay well. Your users will see variety of the ads and you have chance to earn a bit ( a bit is better than nothing) and might keep your user.

As I have said, ads filtering is not easy to master. If you do too much your account will get banned if you don't do at all you are giving too much advantage to your competitors. All is about finding balance between stable earnings, happy users and happy ads provider. It is circle where all have to be happy. If one is unhappy circle is broken.

Hope it helps.

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Great John. Thanks a lot for your insights.

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Awesome info, thanks for the response!

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Very cool share, thanks John [smile]

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Second part of your question was cheap Facebook App Installs.

I will start this post with saying, than I'm NOT expert on FB ads. I
have only three years experience with FB app installs ads.
From short experience what I have FB is the best when you want to do
initial push when you are launching new game, or when you want to scale
and grow your app business.

With FB is possible to get even $0.06 installs for Google Play store and
$0.15 for Apple store. BUT here is the deal, who is going to benefit
from those users? You need to ask yourself what is your goal with FB
ads? Only you can answer that. You know all those gurus on internet who
are talking about cheap installs and try to impress you ... they all
don't say "B" they say only "A" ... Hey I can teach you how to get $0.06
installs, just buy my course! Yes, they will give you information what
you already know of you can find on internet for FREE and serve you
those information on silver platter!!! They don't say "B"

If you don't care about users quality and want only huge amount of
installs well FB is your choice. Setup campaign using low cost cheap
countries. You can use India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand,
South Africa, Turkey, Cameroon, Egypt, Algeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia,
Romania, Mexico, Ghana, Liberia, Brazil, Uganda, and Indonesia. All are
English speaking countries so you do not need to worry about your ads
translating to different languages. Let FB do the work and FB will
deliver. I've done that many times and it is easy process everyone can
repeat that. There is plenty of tutorials on youtube how to setup App
install campaign... BUT here is BUT ...  what next ... you have your
dreamed number of installs, and now what ... if you have plan what will
be your next move good for you, but if you stop here, you have just
wasted your money. Because those cheap installs will not convert to
money. You don't have to trust me, do your work, create Chartboost
report and check how much money advertisers pay in those countries! I
don't know anyone including me who was able to make profitable living
from low cost installs. Most of the time I was loosing money only in a
few occasions I was able to make those (money spent on advertising) back
and be one to one. Let say one month adv campaign spending will return
in 3-4 months if you are lucky! If you want cheap installs, you need to
know what to do next. As I have said only you can answer that.

If you want to grow you business you have to do it seriously. Of course
it will cost money and take some time. But it is possible. Here is how I
do it. Let me remind you, I'm NOT an expert in FB advertising!!! I'm
self tought and learning from my mistakes. Fist you have to think who
will be your game/app user. Who you are targeting with that game. Than
setup FB fun page. I portfolio of the games and for each game I have
separate fun page. Also I have my brand / company fun page. Each fun
page will represent you when you will create FB campaign. More later ...
just continue reading. Reason for this is, that each game is targeted
for diferent users or audience. On each page you have to have game
images, game video and you have to be active on that page. Time to time
you have to post new info, update new video etc... Who is active an
create new content he is the king on FB. FB love activity!!! And this
love will FB pay you back ... trust me ... just continue reading ...

Than you need to get users to like your page. Here you need to be active
and promote your game/brand as much as you can. Of course you can use FB
campaign to find you people who will like your page ... so users will be
familiar what your game look like or will be ... you can start to build
your audience ... don't think that you will cheat and get ANY cheap
likes form any bots or companies/software or whatever who will give you
any likes ... you are cheating yourself !!! Point with fun page likes is
to get only people who will play your game. If you do it right and don't
cheat with likes FB will pay it back. Trust me !!!
My goal is to get 2000 to 10000 FB fun page likes.

Now you have real audience who like your game and here is comming big FB
power. In your adv manager you will create Lookalike audience from those
users who liked your fun page. Here you are saying to Facebook ... hey
here are people who liked my fun page give me more similar people! And
facebook algorithm will find them and deliver more people who are
similar to people who liked your page. For example I'm targeting only US
and from 2000 US fun page likes FB will give me 2.1milion people who are
similar to people who liked my fun page. I think minimum is 200 ppl in
the country and from them FB will give you 1% from country population.
Reason why I want to have at least 2000 or more ppl like my fun page is
that I will give bigger audience to FB and FB will return me better user

Now you have from 2000 users 2.1mil users and all users are quality
users! If you have cheated with FB page likes, FB will return crap users
and you will loose your money when you will create app install campaign!
If you are cheating FB you are cheating yourself not FB !!!

It is time to create App campaign to get app installs. Here you will use
your brand/company page or game fun page as a your business represented
when you will create campaign. Usually it is icon and game / bran name
what you see Suggested app / or Sponsored. Create video or static
creatives (I prefer video form game-play) where people will see what
they will install. Here you want only people who are interested in your
game. We are looking only for quality users and they will convert in
money. And FB is great to serve your ads in those people. You are not
wasting time and money to show your ads people who are not interested in
your game. You already know who is your audience from your FB game/app
fun page here you need from FB to deliver your ads only to relevant
people. And here is FB paying back and he is finding those people for

Gurus on internet will tell you setup 30 day campaign on daily budget $5
or $7 and you won't be charged more than that. You think waw that is
cool, what is fiver per day ... yeeee let's do it ... BUT what you are
saying to FB is: "No matter what, you can spend my daily budget"! And FB
will spend it ;-) Trust me FB will spend it and sometimes he will spend
a bit more. BUT what I do when setting campaign I will set lifetime
budget for campaign. I will set campaign with lifetime budget $5*30=$150
for 30 days. You might think, hey bro, it is exactly the same ??? Yes,
it seems the same, but it is NOT. With lifetime budget you are saying to
FB: Here you have $150 and in 30 days you have to find me the best
users!" With this settings FB is doing more work and serving my ads only
to a few people from beginning as algorithm needs to find the best
audience and let say from day five FB knows who likes my ads and who
will install game. Than FB is pushing hard my ads to those people. Ad
relevance score is important as goal is to get 10. With score 10 FB
knows that audience is responding well to your ads and he know which
people likes your ads and he will serve ads to those people for lowest
price possible!

With only this small campaign adjustment I'm able to get high quality
users usually for $0.30 - $0.60 per install in US on iOS devices. Here
is where FB big power comes. If you are giving him quality information
he will deliver quality ... BUT if you feed FB with cheap likes, cheap
app installs he will return crap!!! Usually I need 4-5 high quality
users to get into my game and one from them will click on high paying
ads lets say $4-6 ... do the math and you can see how much money is
possible to earn ... As I have said this is complex process and it
depend on multiple factors, but don't blindly follow gurus on internet.
Most of the are SCAMMERS like Tolik is and they are feeding you!!!

FB is giving you new users, but also is collecting all information about
them too. So your audience is growing ;-) Now you can give bigger and
more quality audience to FB and create lookalike audience. FB will
return high quality users than first time. As you are giving him more
quality users. Are you with me ? Do you follow ? This is the way how you
can scale your business and grow it FB is the best at it. Also your
organic reach is growing too ... so you might get more users from UK,
Canada, Australia and you can start to make campaigns in those countries
... Concentrate only on high paying countries only there you will get
high returns!!! Chartboost report will tell you which countries are you
users from and which companies pay well in those countries. Numbers will
tell the truth!

As I have said, I'm not an expert on advertising this is what I do and
it works. Now you have core idea what information to look for on the
internet, and what to avoid. Don't follow blindly "gurus" they don't
care about you, they just want your money!!! Even you pay or follow
them, repeat their steps there is chance that it might hurt your
business! When you will dig deeper you will find more and more
information, but remember you have to do your homework. Nobody know what
your game audience is looks like, what you Chartboost report says ...
only you know that.

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This is gold information.
if the user who created this page is pro member then please move to the Pro section only.


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I agree that this is valuable information (thanks for the extensive write up, btw), but I don't see why it should be moved to a place that only a few can benefit from. 

Google Play Games

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Martin is doing great job in PRO section and he is da man - BIG respect
Martin! I'm browsing this forum time to time and Martin is sharing a lot
of information for free ... if there is no Martin I wouldn't post here!
I would prefer if my posts stay in free section as everyone who will
read can benefit! I'm sharing information what everyone can easy to

A few weeks ago I found blog post how big studios work. (Can't find that
original post so I don't know who should I give credit). I'm just
sharing what was there and this is not from my head!

For me it is important to see who they test before they went global ...
It was about game called Golf Clash from Playdemic. Go to ->
search for Golf Club (in this example I will pick Google Play version)
-> in Appstore rankings click in Rank History and adjust Date range to
All time ... -> you should get image like this one.

What is important to see here, that how long it took them to finalize
product before they went global. Three and half months of hard work
since first release! Multiple app updates, tweaking promo creatives,
testing promo campaigns in different countries and finding the right
audience ... before they reach the point to go global. I'm sure that you
remember those days that you have seen only Golf Clash ads everywhere
... yeee ... they have big budget, but they spend it only when they
already know which strategy work well in soft launch countries. It takes
a lot of hard work (especialy testing, tweaking, finding the right
audience to market .. etc.) to make successful game not just big money.

My point here is, when you will start to do paid advertising there
things change. You will spend you hard earn cash and stats will tel you
truth about your game/audience. you will see how people like-respond to
your game. Everyone "self called guru" on internet will tell you, that
it is easy to market any game. Yes, I agree, you can market anything,
BUT if you make profit or at least marketing money back that is the
question ??? Non from them share loses ... but Martin shared his loses
when he did Chartboost CPC on one of his game ... That makes me trust

Here comes power of Facebook - on your fun page you can talk to your
audience, tweak the game, test adv creatives and see which they like
before you will spend your hard earned cash.

Funny story about FB advertising ... on my last game from fun page I
knew that my target audience is Men 35-54years old ... so I gave my page
as a source to FB create lookalike audience. FB returned 2.1mil users.
When I do first app install campaign I don't restrict campaign to my
target audience (in my case Men 35-54) and I let FB to do first campaign
to all genders and all age categories. With lifetime budget (remember to
set it up) I want FB to give me the best users who will install my game.
Here you can see, that page likes is one thing, but who your real app
user will be - that is different story! I was, and I'm still surprised,
that people who install my game is Women 55+ ... yes, I'm still
surprised to see those analytics, but grandmothers they install a lot
and they spend on In App purchases a lot! As I will see the same numbers
as I'm seeing now I will not fight FB to give me my lovely Men between
35-54 ... No way !!! Now when I know who should I target, all my campaigns are grandmothers
only ;-) this is power of Facebook!


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