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Hello, I'm fairly new to mobile game development.
To make it short and simple, skip to the bottom questions. For the long story, I'm trying to develop a platformer-styled RPG game for mainly android, IOS too if possible. Since I have been learning Java, I familiarized myself in using eclipse to learn the basic structure of making a game. However, I came across the idea of using a mobile game engine/software instead, to make the process more simple and efficient.

So far I have tried using RPGMaker MV, and tried using Unity just a little bit. I have also considered using Android Studio or GameMaker. I have some experience with JS, but no C++ experience at all. My problems with these two platforms are that
  • RMMV feels very limited, unless I write my own scripts via JS. As in RMMV offers a FF-based layout, but I'm looking for a platformer-styled game play.
  • For Unity, I just feel like it's too complex for me to use and it uses C++. Also, I don't feel like I need just a powerful platform to create a standard 2D indie RPG..
So my questions are:
  1. Is it possible to make a mobile game strictly using Eclipse?
  2. Should I use a mobile game software/platform rather than trying to make a game from scratch?
  3. If a software is more ideal, which mobile game developing platform would be a good recommendation for a platformer-styled RPG? If possible, one that uses Java as it's language.
Thank you very much!

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Hi jahnnh! I can only speak regarding unity since I only have experience in it - yes, developing an rpg in it from scratch would be difficult for a beginner, however there are many assets for unity on the store which can make this way easier, for example!/content/43566
Ryan Vice

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Hey, I'm just learning to code so I'm nowhere close to developing a functional game.

Should I just go to some website that teaches the basics or enroll for an advanced mobile app development course? Which language should I learn or should I focus on improving my logic alone?

What do you think, senors? 

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Good luck, jahnnh
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