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Getting Traffic To Your App or Game
Allot of people I noticed seems to pay for direct traffic. Problem your not getting targeted traffic and most cases your getting bots. 

The best way to get targeted traffic is to do the foot work yourself. There are some sites out there that sell targeted traffic but it is expensive.

1.I suggest signing up to community's that deals with your niche. If your promoting gaming sign up to gaming community's. For Eg Touch Aracade etc

2.Make threads on the community's offering a incentive of some sort if they come check out your game and what your offering. (Like you can offer some thing in this forum)

3.Chat Rooms - Make use of chat rooms word of mouth is a popular old way of promoting. If you make it sound interesting enough people will come.(Some Chat rooms like irc etc)

4.Google Adwords, FaceBook ads, and BING Ads is one way of promoting.
I suggest BING ads as it it half the price of Google and you get double the traffic if used right.(Important)

5.When using BING use there keyword search tools and look for keywords with a lower search rate. This will allow you to bid on keywords with a lower CPC.(Bing can also bring some nice traffic to your app or game or website )

6.With a 25 dollar budget you can set 5 dollars a day on to a campaign where your targeting low searched keywords and generating targeted traffic to your game. 

I have used some of points in my old forums and using in games now i got some good results . i hope i am sharing some good information . i dont get time from working so i am trying my best to share some knowlege i got. [tongue] [smile]
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Nice overview [smile]

Can you give some example numbers of what you have achieved with each method ?

Would be cool [smile]
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