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Hey guys. I watched Wolverine again last night, the crappy one set in Japan. Pretty bad movie overall.

But this glaring contradiction just popped in my head. Just before he threw a guy with a tie out of the window, he gave him a little speech about being traditional and not cheating on his fiance. This is because tie guy was with a couple of hookers in the hotel room. BUT... didn't Logan just bang the tie guys fiance the night before???? I could be wrong and maybe mis-heard but doesnt that sound like a bit of a contradiction.

"You shouldn't screw other women when you're engaged"

"Wait, didn't you just screw my fiance last night?"

"Yeah but..."

"So why didn't you give her that speech?"

"Because I was the one she was banging bub!"

(I couldnt find a picture from that specific scene).
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