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Hey guys, 

I have recently been working on this puzzle game and have just finished all the mechanics of the game. I have started creating levels but find that I do not have enough time to continuously create levels. My plan is to release the game with 3 packs of 30 levels. So far I have made 1 and a half packs so I am about half way done (so far 45 levels). 

If you want to try it out the here it is - Gravity Boxes. Please try the game out before asking to partner so you know what the game is like [smile]

I am looking for someone who is interested in partnering up with me and creating levels for the game. No coding experience required but being able to use Unity is a must. 

My plan is to offer a 65% (me) and 35% (you) revenue split since I have already created most of the game and will be handling all the marketing including buying installs. I will also be doing a lot of social marketing with the resources I have.

This revenue split will be everything including IAP and Ad Revenue. For advertising the game will be using video ads only plus the option to remove them for $1.49.

Basically how you make levels is using this script I wrote. You add it to the main camera and insert the vectors on the grid of the places you want certain blocks to be.

Here's the script for creating the levels:


Here are some screenshots from the game so far:
Screenshot_2014-10-10-23-16-23.png  Screenshot_2014-10-10-23-16-49.png 

Please leave a message down below if you are interested in working with me or PM on this forum or email at

Thanks [smile]

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