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Hi everyone,

I made a very small prototype for a mobile game, it currently involves punching enemies (punching bags) that come from both directions by simply tapping on that side of the screen.

Originally the character walked to the right and punched what came his way but I found that even less engaging.

I want to keep things simple, but I think what I have now is too simple and won't keep the players attention. There also isn't anyway to lose yet, perhaps a time limit or letting too many walk past may work. I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas that can improve it, or whether or not I should scrap it altogether and try something else.

Here is a webm of the gameplay since the gifs are low fps

And gifs
this one was too intense:

very first gif without particles

The webm is the most up to date.

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jaja, looking sweet! love the "high-on-steroids" kindda look, xD

A timer is a must I would say, plus maybe a hit count. Maybe even the bags coming from diferrent hights, or jumping, and make the player be able to jump too... 
Or have him hanging on a rope?? Just throwing out some random ideas 4ya!

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