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Hello World v.2

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Hey guys

Recently i noticed that in german tv there are more and more commercials for apps and websites.
It almost feels like 60% of all commercials in the tv are now like this.

I would really like to have some feedback from other countrys and if its the same there. [smile]

Also i would be interested if anyone of you ever tried to launch an tv commercial for one of your apps ?
I e-mailed with one of the biggest tv company of germany and they told me it depends from like 1000 € in the early morning hours to 25.000 € in the primetime for a small clip to be played.

I mean if so many apps do this it has to be a massive boost for your apps and i think the CPI wouldnt be that high if the commercial is really interessting so that many people will have a look at your app.

I also interested in classic commercials in newspapers and magazines, a 1/4 page banner commercial costs around 3500€ in the biggest german computer game magazine and it has around 70.000 copys sold ever month, so i would pay 0.05 € for one "Impression" (i not even considered that multiple people could read one magazine in a caffee or at the doctor waiting room)

What do you guys think about "classic" commercial ways for mobile apps ? Could the big investment be worth it ?

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I can only give feedback regarding market in Finland and Taiwan. Since Finland should be closer to German market dynamics, let me tell you about that. 

I can only see bigger mobile game ads on TV - angry birds, clash of clans, candy crush, fallout shelter, also some casual free to play casino games.. I watch too little TV, so can't remember any other. However, TV is a wonderful channel for gaining new players as you can reach a large audience and the offered product is either free or very cheap.

In Finland those night-time or early morning programs tend to revolve around personals and some current pop-culture and celebrity affairs. Most programs also run as interactive game or chat shows relying on "mobile phone - to - TV" for their content. Sort of viewer generated TV content.

I would pick the slot for advertising and as the broadcaster shows you viewer demographics, check the show by yourself to get better idea what sort of people are watching and what they might enjoy. When people come from bar, I would expect that some naughty/dirty little game that makes you laugh could hit a home run in this audience.

For print I see that it only works for quality stuff as you can't really predict the conditions in which the reader sees the ad. Also with print the problem has always been the selective reading, ads are often neglected. I for example have completely quit print advertising and focused on mailing list and social media referrals.     

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In India there are only big companies who are doing ads companies who have messenger app only those who dont have main app business so i can say in india there are not app companies who are advertising here and i havent see any game ads too . one problem is if  you get installs from india advertiser not pay good in india so maybe thats why app or game business dont invest in tv commericals
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