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HI everyone , i hope you are doing well [smile]
Before i get started i just want to really thank Martin for this awesome website and his awesome videos man i have been watching your videos form more than a year and a half now thanks so much i learned alot from you [smile]

now i have been working on a game for more than week now (past week and only on Thursday before the pas week) the title of the topic says that it is my first game well it is not because i published some games only for testing purposes but this is a full real game.

this is the icon :
i use gimp to create all art and screenshots 
Screen03.png Screen05.png Screen06.png  
link :

for ad network i am using StartApp interstitial when the player dies and also after finishing levels (not all levels show ads only 7 from 15) also i use exit ads too.

why i choose startapp that's because i think it is easiest to implement in unity and also of what i read on "making money with android" they that it is really good .

this game is just the start i am taking this seriously even if i earn only one cent a day i think this is really good way to get extra cash.

for aso i think i didn't do it the right way i really suck at it [smile] 

i am posting stats as soon as possible when i get them.
please tell me your opinion.

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Nice sharing! Thank you. [thumb]
Guns looks nice.

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hey Piktix2000, thanks for the post, very interesting to see. I'm always in to pixel style games.
Great to hear you like the videos, I'll try to get more done soon.

Yeah the ASO work is very tough and I find it harder than development these days. But if done well then you can get some good downloads for sure.

Looking forward to seeing how your game stats go, please share when ready.

Catch up soon [smile]
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