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Hey guys, just released my new game on Android and Amazon - Trickshot Bank Shot Shooter. For this game I spent quite a bit of time on doing the artwork and getting all the glowing effects to look perfect. Another issue I had with this game was figuring out how to bounce something of a wall in the exact opposite direction. For similar games such as pong you can just reverse the x velocity but that didn't work for this game since the bounces could be on any wall. I ended up using some advanced math formula that I don't even understand XD but hey it works [smile]. I didn't want to use Unity 2D materials because they can be glitchy when hitting corners.

On the monetizing side of things I am using chartboost interstitials and more apps along with inmobi and amazon banners on the top.

For marketing I am hoping to get 100 downloads per day. I have targeted Trickshot, Bank Shot, and Bounce as my main keywords. 

Any tips on how to make the game better or mentioning some bugs would be great. Thanks [smile]

icon.png  Screenshot_2014-07-31-22-23-49.png  Screenshot_2014-07-31-22-23-03.png 


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hey Epic. I think it looks good, I'm a fan of tron and retro style games. anything that looks like geometry wars I'm interested in [smile]

I think this icon looks better than your others ones on google play for sure, it's more professional. 
Yeah bounce physics can be an issue if you are coding them from scratch. I mainly use the rigidbody object in unity with the bouncy material applied to the geometry. 

How are you ranking for your keyword searches in google and amazon? Did you reach 100 per day yet?

Generally i think retro looking games are hard to get downloads for because the majority of players out there are more in to character based cute looking games. Games like Candy Blast Mania, Panda Pop, Plants Vs Zombies etc do pretty well partly because of their bright character graphics. It's the same for space games, it's very competitive. 

For us you can see that the top downloads on google play come from the cute looking character ones:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.30.35 PM.png 

Also for the name of the game perhaps change 'shooter' to 'shooting'. It looks like 'shooting' is a more popular search term. Here's a search suggestion from google:

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.34.12 PM.png 

But still keep the world 'shooter' in your description. Also include 'tron' as people who like tron will likely be interested in your game.

Hope this helps, let us know how it goes [smile]

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