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Hey guys! Has anyone tried publishing games to Mac (OSX) after first publishing to Android/iOS - what were the results? 

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Some time ago I've listened to an interesting talk about publishing.
No point in pasting the link here, cause it's not in English.
What you asked was mentioned as one of the possible scenarios, but was dismissed as rather bad (in terms of results).
The preferred course would be the other way around (pc/mac first, mobile next).
I fully agree that I don't really see anything to gain by downloading a game for pc if I already have it on my tablet,
on the other hand I would like to see some titles on iOS that I've played on pc.
I guess the only people who could be interested are the ones without tablets, but I'm not really sure if there's that many of them.
Also from what I've heard when you try to put a game, that's already on mobile, on steam - you get plenty of people hating that it's not a true (pc) game, etc.

So in my opinion it doesn't make much sense, yet I think I'm gonna end up doing that sooner or later.
The main reason is that I make mobile games and the only experience in publishing games I have is related to mobile OSes.
I plan to do a bigger game in the future, but I prefer to stick to what I know, so it's gonna be a mobile game too.
Since it's a bigger game I'll probably think about releasing it for pc/mac and will be in the exact same spot you're describing [frown]


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