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Hey all. I'm now selling the source code to the top down 2D runner game called Rush In The Kingdom. Here's some main features:

- Publish on both iOS and Android, ready to go and just needs an art work change.
- Easy to re-skin. All art work is in one folder and a reskin guide is provided.
- Game makes revenue through full screen chartboost ads, and admob banner ads.
- Mulitple level game and very intuitive, anyone can play.
- Only $100 for the package.

Here's some screenshots:




Here you can download a version of the game on google play and iOS:

Google play:


And here's a video of me talking about the general ARPU of the game:

If would like to purchase the Unity source code project please send $100 to my paypal account ( or you can leave me any questions in the comments and I'll follow up with you.

Thanks all

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