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hey everyone , I have been interested in using StartApp since i saw martin's videos about the exit ad they offer and since then i decided to use them in my first serious game (it is not just the video made choose that network but after really searching on other forums i saw people saying that it is really good ad network[smile]) now lets get to the question , after publishing my game on google play i tracked the reports on start and i noticed something weird it is this message "The In-app revenue presented for the past 3 days is partial. Today's earnings will be finalized in 3 days."  Screen01.jpg I am having a good amount of impressions for only about 15 installs (i guess they are good you can check them out) Screen02.jpg but this message is driving me crazy is there something wrong with my game did i do something the wrong way because in the reports there is no earnings but on the main dashboard there it is saying that my revenue is 0.03 $ Screen02 - Copy.jpg 

guys do anyone of you have the message that i have and if you do is it normal or there is something wrong ???

thanks in advance for any answer [smile]


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Hey Piktix, hope you're doing well there.
Sorry for the late reply to your post, I just seen it. 

Messages like that are pretty normal. I often see on chartboost a message saying that their analytics are delayed and will be updated soon.
I don't think you are doing any wrong. I also get the same message in but revenue is coming in.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.56.41 PM.png 
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.56.45 PM.png 

I've also heard Startapp is good, and from the results it looks pretty good too. The revenue is above is just from showing an exit ad in just 1 game.

But to be sure of your problem I would give the startapp team a quick email. They responded pretty fast when I sent them a message. Let me know how it goes.

Chat soon [smile]

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