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Norman Kremer

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Hey guys,

This is my first post on the forum, But I've been lurking for quite some time! 

I've created my first fantasy football game and released it 3 weeks ago. I have roughly 100 users. I'm still working on my marketing.

The concept of the game is a bit different and we allow users to enter a prize pool by filling out a surveys.

The main problem with this is that we wanted user friendly surveys which would only take a minute or two. Survey models such as peanutlabs and Researchnow database are to complex and we can't justify letting one user fill out a 3 minute survey and another a 15 minute survey.

We decided to use Pollfish - but pollfish survey database is horrendous. I decided to use a video mediator in case no surveys are available.

With low eCPMs and a fillrate of maybe 5% surveys 95% videos this gives us a revenue of 1.6-1.7 cents per game.

We currently only have a small amount of users and we fear that if we start marketing that survey ratio will drop to 1 or 0%.

This would ruin the entire Puntr game as payouts for users would shrink massively which fund the prizepool.

We've come up with a solution of how to create a survey tool which would work similar to googles questions which enable you to read an article.

Instead of asking the user 15-30 questions in one go - the user would have to answer 3 at a time.

The payout would be much larger than a video advert but much lower than an install.

We think we could price 3 questions at roughly 10 cents for a developer/publisher.

Would this be of any interest to the mobile gaming community? Would anyone have any advice or use this feature?

My app can be found HERE.


I'd also appreciate any advice on app - alternative monetisation routes to keep the idea alive and marketing help!





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Surveys are a difficult one to get users to complete, as the length of them can be different each time as you mention it's harder to get the player to complete them.

You could try doing a IAP currency that the players could use to fill the pot each time. So you can buy 10 'bets' for $1.99 and each 'bet' is worth $0.15, so with multiple players putting into a pot they have a chance to win a higher amount ( 20 players put 'bet' in = $3.00 pot ). You then can do surveys as a 'free' way of getting 'bets' as well

For monetizing stuff like this you have to really think what would YOU do to get the 'bet'. If you wouldn't fill out a survey for something in a game why would your users do it in yours?
Norman Kremer

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Thanks - but the problem with that is that we would be considered gambling which we need to avoid.

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