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Once, long ago, there was a Mobile Games Enterpreneur, who initially was the poorest among the mobile entrepreneurs in his village, however later in life he would be come the King of the enterpreneurs. However, at this stage he was but a humble game dev.

One day, a simpleton from a far away land, looking to become a mobile game dev enterpreneur arrived at his village. First, he came to the most respected and rich mobile game dev enterpreneur of the village, and had one simple question for him: "can you tell me the essense of mobile game dev enterpreneurship while standing on one foot?". Disgusted, the rich enterpreneur threw him out.

He continued on, until he found our poor mobile game dev - he repeated his question, and to his delight the game dev stood up from his programming and lifted one foot "Before even making a game, make sure there is high demand and not too much competition, do ASO, and add lots of ads. Also, the game itself must be quite good. Eventually, delegate as many tasks as possible and spread your risks."

After that, the game dev quietly sat down and continued trying to get the androidmanifest.xml to merge.


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This was a great little read, nice post [smile] It has a sad ending though because the androidmanifest is a nightmare lol.

make sure there is high demand and not too much competition

so so true
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