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Hello World v.2

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Hey Guys

I was looking at the moblie app Pull My Tongue for a while and it got recently published.

What maybe not everyone knowes is, that its made by an single indie developer and got released by noodlecake studios as a publisher after they signed a contract.

1# Old reddit thread when he first showed it to public:
2# Happy that it got published by noodlecake + release:

He says somewere in the comments that he sends a playable beta version to noodlecake studios and after some little changes that they told him they accept it and then made all the marketing stuff etc. for him.

I find this really interessting, did you guys ever thinking about making a contract with a big publisher and let them releasing your game ?

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I sent one of my old games to a big publisher just to see and got quite far through the process (I pitched it to them, they saw videos, then they played through it - gave feedback etc) which was pretty encouraging. In the end they said that the genre was too busy, but I think that the quality wasn't quite there. I wasn't seriously looking for a publisher (because I wanted to learn how to launch and market my own games), but I was surprised how far I got.

It can be pretty lucrative and sometimes they'll give you cash advances. However, I think a lot of these companies are looking for very well polished, marketable games, so having good unique graphics is probably a must. I'm not surprised to read that he's a graphics artist rather than a programmer.

The other thing to note is that while you'll make money, you probably won't build your own brand, you (almost certainly) won't be able to use that game to cross promote to your other products. If you want to be a developer, rather than a developer/publisher this might not be a problem, and you can use this publishing deal to promote yourself to other publishers, but if you want to publish games I'm not convinced this is the right way to go. That said, you might learn stuff in the process that will help you with your own games.

It would be interesting to hear from someone who's actually had a game published this way.

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Do you guys have a list of publishers that are out there interest in marketing other apps?

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