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I have published game in google play . i have laptop with amd a7 processor it is decent laptop and 128 ssd  . Now i want to buy new pc but i also want to publish my games to ios but i cant buy pc and mac both so i have to buy only one .so what i should buy pc or mac . some people on internet saying hackintosh can help us to build game for ios . Pc will be lot more cheaper and better than mac for graphics and all 3d modelling work. 
So Give me your precious suggestion guys! 

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If you don't necessarly need Windows that definitely buy a PowerMac or a Macbook Pro, but if you also need a Windows machine, than a Hackintosh will do the job.
I recomand when buying parts for the Hackintosh. I'm using a hackintosh for developing and publishing for a year know, and I haven't got any problems with it.

I use a i3 processor with 8gb ram and SSD drive. You will need 2 drives if you want to have dual boot system (windows and mac) also a cool motherboard it's a must. I recommend Gigabyte.
Take a look at the link i left you and there you can find all the details.


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I use a i5 4gb 128ssd MacBook Air it works great, even windows works faster then on a PC with same spec.  
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