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Hey guys, I got this email from our developer this morning. Thought I'd share it here as well since I've not yet watched Unite 2014.

Are you guys excited about it?

Hey Martin,
i've just finished watching the Unite2014 conference and there is been a lot of great things coming up to  the unity engine, they just released the 4.6 version as an open beta, i've been playing with it for about 30 minutes now and i can say that the new GUI system is a HUGE relief !!
Also, from a publisher perspective, i think this can be very interesting for you :
Anyway, here is the Unite2014 conference in case you missed it :

I guess it will be good to just download it and watch it in the plan ^^ 
Have a nice day [smile]  
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I watched some of it. I found a website that wrote down the important points for those that dont want to watch the whole video.

The cloud build seems very interesting.

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