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So I am about to get another payout from amazon and thought I'd let you guys know something that I wished amazon explained better. 

Normally ad networks give you 70% off what they get from a conversion or whatever. Amazon does the same thing but the numbers they display on the developer console are what the advertisers are paying (100%) not what you will be earning(70%). 

When time for payouts come around then they subtract 30% from the total and pay you. Amazon revenue is still really high for banners but might be a little deceiving. Still totally recommend amazon ads for US traffic.

Here is the email from amazon for my payout:

*****************PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL********************

The following payment is related to digital royalties for It will be paid by bank transfer directly into your bank account. Please allow up to five business days following the payment date for the funds to appear in the available balance of your bank account.

If you have a query regarding this payment please email and be sure to include the information below to expedite your request.

Payment made to:EPIC STUDIOS(EPIL0_MADS)
Our Supplier No.:14562567
Supplier site name:EPIL0
Payment number:17809505
Payment date:28-OCT-2014
Payment currency:USD
Payment amount:457.02

Invoice NumberInvoice DateInvoice DescriptionInvoice AmountWithholding AmountDiscount TakenAmount PaidAmount Remaining
2014-09 MobAds#a072a6c-20-307757317-OCT-2014a072a6c-20 - Advertising Fees652.88(195.86) 457.020.00


Apparenly the "withholding amount" is amazon's 30% :$

Here is the data from september from the developer console: Untitled.png 
Just wanted to let you guys know.

Still recommend amazon ads since I get the best banner performance out of them.

Thanks [smile]


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Do you user Amazon ads also for Google Play games?

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@Roman yeah I use them on google play also. They actually work on iOS too but it is hard to find a plugin for it.
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