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I have recently using Google Play Games leaderboards for my games and they were was pretty good. There was a little trouble initially getting them set up but now they work fine. I also like how you can see stats about how much your players play and what is the average score a user gets along with how many times a day they play.

Are there any better options than google play games. I know for ios there is gamecenter but it is only for ios while google play games is for both ios and android. What are your thoughts on leaderboards and which do you guys use. Love to hear your opinions [smile]   

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Hey Epic. I've used heyzap, game center, and amazon game circle leaderboards.

I thought Heyzap was pretty cool because it could be used across android and iOS. Players can set score challenges to their friends and the extra promotion / visibility you get is pretty good since it's a social network. But I'm not sure if they still have the leaderboards available. You'll need to check their site

I don't know how much of an impact leaderboards have on a games downloads / retention exactly but I do remember one time that a player kept on paying lots for in-app purchases to climb the leaderboards and we were communicating with him directly in heyzap. Pretty cool because we were able to see who were paying players and who weren't.

Hope this helps [smile]
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