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I saw now a game from me it was created las year and have  only 30 words and was last year 12.12.2015-15.1.2016 only every day about 1-10 downloads very  very low.
I dont have change my description.
But on day 16.1.2016 something happend and appnie have show me a new keyword that i dont have in my description ?? But this was like appanie give me a very very big boost.
Why the name of the keyword jump from 0 to 125 top and then after 1 day later the keyword jump to the top 19 lol and it go every day up now its in the rank 2 lol some days also rank 1.
And now the downloads are jump from 1 to 460+ with one keyword lol
Sry bad english 
looks like appanie help me lol ^^
And in searchman i cant find my keywords ??!!

PS: now all my other keywords are also jumps higher and higher looks like one keyword give the other keywords a boost ^^

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